I have a daydream that has turned into a full blown story and i have tried to stop but i always find myself drifting into the abyss of MD. I was wondering if  any of you fellow md'ers have any deep connections to any of your day dreams

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oh god yes. some of my best friends don't even exist (and I have a lot of real world friends, so it's not like I'm trying to make friend substitutes). They're the only ones who really understand me and are willing to stick with me through anything. Even though I know they don't exist, I still really wish they did .w.
Very much yes.  I have pretty much the same thing as you.  There's a very complex story with a long list of characters, and I keep drifting into it because really, it feels just as real and as vivid as the real world does.
Absolutely. If I talk about my daydream it takes approximately 45 minutes for me to explain the backstory of one character ( I have about 20 characters with these such backstories, most of them not even main characters ).
Definitely. I had one storyline that went on for about 5 to 6 years. Friends and family would remark that I talked about my characters as if I had known them 50 years. I think the more in-depth one goes inside a character's head, the more personal/vivid it can be.
Oh of course. I've been daydreaming about the same characters for 4 years going on 5 years now. You can only imagine how many stories they've been in. o_o I wish I wrote them all down.
For sure. I've had the same story in my head five years tomorrow. It's gotten to the point where several of my characters are extremely real to me, and even out side of the main story line they are still very active in my everyday thoughts, like extra people inside my head, who I know and who know me better than anyone else.
Yes, I agree completely with everything everyone has said-haha. I've been dreaming about my current one for about 4-5 years? (Have a bad memory, so not really sure.) It has changed slightly overtime but the basic core has been the same. I definitely feel very close to my people, sometimes for plot sake (I sound like a jerk here, aah!) I've tried to kill off a character but then I don't have the heart to do it and have to bring them back, I miss them too much! :S

I become very attached to anyone I daydream about. I usually don't make up fictional characters but use real life people (friends, family, celebrity crushes, etc.)

Right now I'm extremely attached to a celebrity crush so much in fact that I write stories about us being in a very sexually active relationship.

I've had the same main character pretty much since ive started, mainly in one base world that i edit to fit whatever story im doing at the time. 


It's kind of like those tv shows where you can watch episodes out of order, because the characters and their basic situations stay generally the same, and each episode has its own plot which begins and ends by the end of the episode, or maybe the whole season. Like a "base template" I build all of my dreams on top of, then when im done with that dream, i start the next one going from that same template of central characters, but they can have different backgrounds, different interests,...  

Yeah, I've the same thing, daydreaming one character (mostly unchanged) most of my life. Her and I are constantly fighting and arguing about things, and she tries to annoy me on purpose, and seems to disagree with most of what I say just for the sake of  disagreeing.

She's also preggers in the dd now, and much 'worse'. Somehow I still love it though.....

I have very very deep conections with my charecters. Ill go into this depressed state if someone says something about them that isn't true (my charecters are from a book series) and I try to avoid going into that depresses state. Its not fun. Its like I AM dealing with the pain of my charecter finding out the one she is in love with got a girlfriend (its in the books but in the end they get married :D) so its a very very deep conection.....when they suffer, I suffer

I think we are all really connected.


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