My daydreams change pretty constantly, which mostly involves a new main character , new setting, new love interest and all that. I have always noticed that I will do stuff based on what the main character does or likes. The experience that stands out the most was last year when I was DDing a character that was a drummer in a band. The whole time I was DDing that character I had an urge to learn how to play drums. I became somewhat obsessed with it. I bought a drum kit and everything and a few days after I bought it my DD changed to a different character and I no longer had the desire to learn how to play drums. I took the kit back and haven't thought about playing drums since. That was the only time I can recall it being that bad. It mostly involves changing what music I listen to even if I don't like it. If the character likes country music then I will listen to it even though I hate it. In this sense, it makes the daydream a bit realer to me then in a lot of the posts I've read on here. Does anyone else do this? I've had the same character going for months now and she doesn't like anything drastically different so I feel a bit better now than when my character is so different that it changes my way of thinking. I'm not sure if that is a common thing going on with MDers or if my mind is just a bit too far down the crazy trail):

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I often incorporate things from my dd world into my real life - interests, hobbies, clothing styles, etc.

My character is like me in that we like the same music, clothing, etc. But I have changed myself slightly in some of the personality ways. At least I like I have. 

My character is also similar to me in many ways, minus all the flaws. But we like the same music and clothes and share the same interests. When I DD my character singing, I imagine the songs that she sings and listen to those songs.

I usually only change myself centered on things that I like about the characters. In the daydreams about myself I am so outgoing and uncaring about other peoples' opinions of me. In return, I started changing my confidence outlook and began wearing outlandish attire that centered around my personality instead of what was in style or what was convenient (i.e., sweatpants during winter) Another character is always fancy looking. So, I bought a few ties, I love fancy things, all of my jackets that I wear continuously are blazers, etc. I switch from dreaming about future events to past events. I'm now making my own set of chainmail. That'll be cool, definitely, and it also keeps me sidetracked from my daydreams even if it came from the daydreams themselves. I change my music to what I want to daydream about, certainly, but I never listen to something I don't want to. When I want to envision heavy battle scenes, I'll listen to dubstep. When I want emotional scenes between characters I listen to nice music. When I just want to be goofy and daydream about everybody dancing around like lunatics, I listen to popular music.


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