I'm going to get my drivers license relatively soon, and I love to DD while listening to music. Can this cause a distraction and can it be dangerous? I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone or if I should worry about it...

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Good question. For me personally I don't think it would be. I'm never TOTALLY out of it unless I'm doing a daydream-within-a-daydream (yep, I've tried that a few times before, not as fun as it sounds). But everyone is different. I'd also recommend not listening to music while driving.

ever since i started daydreaming when i was 9 years old, i was scared that i wouldn't be able to drive because of it. when i got my permit last year, i discovered that i could drive perfectly fine; however, i've been too scared to listen to music while i drive. maybe i'll try it someday, but for now i think it's better that i don't.

I've been driving for years now, and DDing for longer still. I tend to DD while I drive (especially because music is a big catalyst for me to DD). Really anything that distracts you while driving is dangerous (In some states even changing the radio station is considered to be reckless). What I've learn to do is DD in the background of my mind. I still keep my eyes on the road ad I am paying attention, but a part of my mind is somewhere else. If you are just starting to drive, it would be best to try and stay focused; for your own safety, and for the safety of others on the road.

Driving is actually a trigger of mine lol, but I don't find it a problem because my MC is pretty integrated into my life nowadays. If the activity I'm currently doing requires mental focus, the most I can do is be my MC while I'm doing the same activity. When I have zero mental stimulation, like before I go to sleep, during lectures, etc. it'll be wilder daydreams. So when I'm driving, my MC is also driving The most I'm doing in the daydream is talking to whoever else is in the car in my daydream. Can be a bit awkward at stoplights but I try to blast music. Luckily music is the one thing that doesn't trigger me. 

But it's actually my favorite time to daydream because I get to vent about what is upsetting/stressing/occupying my thoughts at that moment and get some good advice from my friends.

Hahaha, yeah it's a trigger for me too. When I took driving lessons I would often doze off and my instructor would get frustrated and tell me I'd never be a decent driver. He was right. If I'm not super super concentrated I would miss red lights and hit cars in front of me so no I can't drive because of MDD. Who needs cars anyway... dreaming works like a charm on trainrides

I would generally second everything Edgard said : ). 

Anything that distracts you from the road can be dangerous while driving. As a new driver, I would highly recommend refraining from music for the first month or two. Once you've been driving awhile, you acquire "muscle memory", where you can react without putting to much thought into it, so daydreaming while driving is less of a danger.

It can be a safety hazard for some people but I have taught myself to only daydream in bed so during the daytime I really have no desire to daydream at all


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