When i'm in my MD trance I often sit on my sofa, listening to music, imagining me playing pro baseball (my dream). When I do this though i'll be there for hours rocking my upper half of my body? I'm 15 and because of this website i'm starting to force myself to stop and realize that if I want to accomplish my dream i have to stop,  cold turkey. I was wondering though, does anybody body rock when they are in there MD trance? 

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I do occasionally, but only when I'm in bed, and have already sat up because I sat up in a DD. I'll usually start rocking then. Mostly I just do facial movements, though.

I do, have been doing it since I was a toddler. It does help put me in a trance like feeling. I know there are other MDers who rock while dding, so you're not alone. It's not exactly socially acceptable so as I got older I knew to hide it from everyone. I'm sure my parents were perplexed by my odd behavior. Maybe one day when MD is a recognized condition I'll design a line of furniture expressly for rocking purposes ;) Good luck with curtailing your dds, it's not easy but you may be a pioneer is helping other people get control. Jen

I do the same and my eyes stare into space. I rock my body when I'm near my computer. 

I pace, gesture and change facial expression, but no rocking incidentally. Music is one of my main fuels for daydreaming, too.

So you're hoping to play baseball professionally? That would be pretty exciting. I think you're right that MD would seriously interfere with that, but you're only 15 and the earlier one tries to break a habit the better their chances, right? Good luck to you.

I don't rock, I pace. But it seems like most people have some sort of physical movement that they repeat while daydreaming. Good luck with baseball!

I do this all the time, but it's when I stand against walls. I also pace, make facial expressions and shake objects in my hand (I've done this with coins, balls, cloths, etc). I remember when I was a little kid and my family went to go visit my grandparents when I would sit on their rocking chair for hours rocking back and fourth while my mind wondered. I've had MD my entire life LOL.

Lucy, I wish I had some advice to help you with the sprinting. I've decided to try and do more pacing instead of rocking to see if it will help me move around a little more. It's just not the same trying to md in the wrong action. Maybe with training it would help. My parents thought all of my rocking was some sort of autism, I'd even do it in the car...we'd be driving down the road with the whole car kind of rocking, it's funny now and thank god they didn't just throw me out of the car!

Lucy said:

Sadly, I wish my repetitive motion was as less-noticeable as yours. 

For me, my dreams are most vivid when I'm sprinting. You read right. Flat out sprinting. My family has panned it off as me being energetic, but that's not the case. And I keep getting yelled at for running around our house cause I keep crashing into things and people and I think I actually broke one of our floorboards from running across it so much

I tend to rock back and forth whilst listening to music and day dreaming.

I sometimes dance, lmao.


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