Hi Guys,

          I'm gonna try and set up a spot to list some MD resources soon, but in the meantime, let's share our personal pages here if you want.  No resources, just personal stuff.  You don't have to share if you don't want to, but I'm going to.  

          I know at least one of you sneaks found me on twitter (not hard since I use my real name) and a couple have friended me on facebook.  Anyway, here goes:




Disclaimer:  I talk about everything here, from politics to kitty butts and even complaining about spammers and stuff on this site, so follow at your own risk.  







I post most of these here anyway.





Ok, that's all I can think of.  I only blog here.  

Anyone else wanna share?  :)


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You can follow me on twitter at:


and I have a vlogging channel where I usually do a comedic vlogging format at:



and I have a facebook for internet friends at:


(yes I am a furry if you were wondering xD I'll add you to my main profile when I get to know you better)



okay the facebook link might not work for some odd reason...so just ask and I'll give you the name

I finished my first MD-involved story.  Woot.  Check it out on my Scribd.  I'd post it here, but it's on the other computer that I'm not on speaking terms with right now.  (It knows why.)  



It's my third draft.  No idea if it's better than the first two.  They're on there, too.  It centers around one our biggest fears as daydreamers: that one day our daydream world will take over, and we'll go nuts.  It centers around a character who represents myself if I went off the deep end.......if all the sensitivities and issues that I know so well finally took over, and I went sorta mad.  There's a lengthy Reflective Memo at the end, explaining what's true, what's based on my daydreams, and what's new.  Why hide?  I'm confronting one of my old biggest fears, and it was kinda fun.  



Thanks!  It was down past my butt & now it's above my shoulders & fluffy like Mia & Grendel.  Woot.
Jeez. The link broke on my other one. Grrr. Let's try again.
Twitter. Missmeganlynnt

Hey guys. I'd really appreciate if people on facebook could like this page-

It's a page dedicated to my artwork. I'm trying to get more stuff sold (no pressure to buy anything lol) but I would appreciate if people could just like the page and hopefully spread it around a bit. 

Cheers :)

My cats also have their own facebook page.  My friend just took it over, and so far he hasn't posted any statuses, but we'll see.  


I have just my own personal Tumblr blog wishuponawish.tumblr.com 


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