My daydreams are usually quite sad. Lots of awful stuff happen in them for some reason, and I find myself crying a lot of the time.. Somehow all of my main characters just HAVE to have something bad happen to them, and if they ever recover, that just means that something bad will happen to them all over again.

Don't get me wrong, I still like daydreaming, and I can control the daydreams mostly, and could stop those things from happening, I think. I just never try. There's something oddly comforting with daydreaming about sad things.

So I was wondering: Are your daydreams sad? Or are they happy? Or just a mix of both? Are your daydreams an ideal world where everything is great, or are they a mix of horrible and great, like they are for me?

PS.: For example, lots of my characters get abused, tortured, raped, see someone they love die, unintentionally kill someone they love, are forced to kill/torture someone they love, etc. 

PPS.: I've never been abused or anything so it's not that I've experienced anything of that.

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My daydreams are also full of many emotions. There is a lot of sadness, pain, anger, but there are also happy times. My character always has trauma or some sad history, but still in my ideal world. It really is a mix.

Sometimes its happy, sometimes its sad.

There are some days when I focus on the good stuff about the family my daydream is about, like them playing with their kids, going places, being romantic with eachother and just getting on with life. Some days I focus on the bad stuff that happened in the past, which involves some of the character's pasts with being raised in a cult by abusive, completely crazy parents. One time I actually scared myself, as in my storyline, a character's abusive father showed up at his house demanding to see his newest grandchild, and he was just so scared.

Varies a lot. There's a lot of good times to counteract my depression though my alternate self also shares my mental illnesses, but drama has always been a huge part of them as there's pretty much none of it in my real life that it gets boring. So often someone cheats on someone, we get into arguments and have falling outs, people die or move away. 

Sometimes i have good ones where i imagine myself being free from my problems MD, anxiety, and i imagine myself talking to somebody in the future about how i used to feel in the past and how i was able to get pass my problem. This dream makes me feel good because it makes me think that i capable of overcoming this problem. On the other hand i have dreams where i imagine miself going crazy because of my condition. This dream makes me question everything and i feel like a doubt reality, even though in the back of my mind i know what is real and what is not.

Luis S said:

i imagine myself talking to somebody in the future about how i used to feel in the past and how i was able to get pass my problem. 
I do that too!
And i just found a group  about sad/negative daydreams :))
It depends on what is going on in my life. When I was younger I was severely bullied (I probably would have outgrown my daydreams if it wasn't for that). Back when I was being bullied I would usually daydream about terrible things happening to my character, but my character would have wonderful friends and there would be occasional comic relief, so it wasn't all bad. There was also a time in my life when I wasn't bullied but was still extremely lonely. I would daydream about being talented and having tons of friends. At times when everything was going well I would daydream about happy and exciting things. Right now my real life is "meh, okay I guess" so my daydreams are a 50-50 mixture of happy and sad. No matter what my emotions are, my daydreams always have lots of scary/exciting moments to make things interesting.

My DD are full of emotions and drama. That's often bad stuff, or really intense, like you said, rapes, wars, fights, having to flee. A general theme seems to be that my characters are stuck in a bad situation and have to grind through it and bear the hardships.


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