are your day dreams continuous or are there gaps inbetween?

I have one day dream that is continuous. I have no breaks inbetween in which I snap back to reality. I am constantly stuck in one day dream even if there people around. Is anyone else the same?

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Sort of. I have a daydream that's sort of taking over all the others. The tiniest thing triggers it, so part of my mind is stuck in it most of the time. However, it's not like intense daydreaming mode constantly; it's sort of halfway between my regular thoughts and my daydreams when I'm with other people. :)

My default mode is in a daydream, somethings will pause it but not for long. Even if other people are around. Like if there are people in the room but no one is talking directly to me, I'm in a daydream, if they speak to me, I come out long enough to respond then right back.

Yup i'm exactly the same. People must think i'm mental when I walk down the street having a conversation with a character as I accidentally mouth words. Do either if you dd about famous people?
I'm the same way as greyartist, if no one is talking to me I'm DDing. If they get my attention I join the conversation for a second & go right back in my head. I can't count the number of times someone's asked hey what are thinking bout you have a weird look on your face. One day I'm going to just burst & say it's probably because I'm in the middle of a Vogue fashion shoot thank you very much. Models tend to make strange faces ya know:) & yeah my DDs are dominated by flameouts people.
Not flameouts! Famous people. Auto correct smh.
Lol. That's a good one. has anyone ever caught what looks like you talking to yourself? My family have for years but probably just think i'm really mental! Would you ever tell anyone what you dd about? which famous people do your involve in your dds? Have thought about writing everything down but too worried someone will find it!
They have caught me doing that & hand gesturing. Very embarassing! The only person so far who knows is my mom & I didn't go into detail with what the dds are about. For some reason I am finding it difficult to name the celebrities. Not sure why but I'm going to try to figure it out. I have considered writing. There is a website (it also has an app) called my writing spot. You can password protect it and keep all your writing organized. That will reduce the chances of discovery. Do you dd about celebrities? I don't think there is a group for celebrity dds maybe I should form one.
I do dd about celebrities. Mainly rock musicians such as Travis barker and Tim Armstrong. the character that my alter ego Alex who I constantly dd about is currently romantically involved with a rapper called yelawolf. Have never divulged this info before and could go into slot more detail as I have had a drink lol. but am embarrassed enough already! Haven't read many other posts of people whose dds involve famous people.


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