Do you usually seem to "play" yourself in your daydreams or a character you invented?

In my extensive plot stories, the main character is always someone of my own creation.   But in my personal mini-daydreams, I am myself (like when I win that prestigious scholarship I wanted, or the guy I like finally asks me out.)

What about you? :)

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I am myself but in my day dreams I some kind of importance to society and have powers of some kind.  LOL!

Sometimes I am me, as I am, normal person conquering the world or saving it from catastrophe.  Most often I am a man (in real life, I'm a woman), and have all kinds of adventures and romances with women who fall madly in love with me.  I also take on all kinds of ethnicities; I've been black, asian, native american, irish etc..  Oh, and I've been a child too, of varying ages. 

When I am me in my dreams, it is from my point of view perspective, and I am the star of the show, but I have less control over the other characters, I think because many of them are actually based on real people in my life.

When I am other people, it is more like a movie, with me directing everyone in it like a god.

I usually star in my own day dreams and think about past situations - i replay the good ones over and over or relive the bad but rethink the scenario to empower myself . I tend to see myself with friends and theres a series of BFs that i circulate in my mind depending on my mood- the good guy- the bad boy and etc- some are people i knew in real life,for example ive been fixated on the last person i fell in love with and ive literally been thinking about him every single day for 2+ years . Or some people are just people i may have seen once or on tv or have idealized. Typically im the better version of myself or i merge my flaws and better qualities from real life into the DD. i use this for comfort and to escape but it has destroyed me. Its like being frozen in time or my own life . I also tend to give commentary or do interviews and im a stand up comedian or star in a show discussing topics . Or ive been a guest on other talk shows. Theres a scene in that walter mitty movie that plays out just like that- he imagines being on a talk show. The whole movie was good but that part stood out for me.
I am myself at my best, which means I say more clever things, I am funnier, and my words are much more coherent. In real life, I am like this only with two people. Unless I am buzzed on alcohol, then I am like that with everyone.
However, there is a difference, and that is in my daydreams, I can sing. Ever since I was three, I always daydreamed I could sing.

The "me" in my DD is so different from the real me I'm not sure I can classify her as me. lol. But I am her in my head. She's everything I'd like to be but can't. And she alters depending on my current DD, but all the versions of her I've had over the years have shared similar character traits even though physically they have been different to fit with whatever my current DD is.

In my daydreams, I always have a "character" that is "played" by me. In my main daydream (I have a ton of different ones), I'm basically my real-life self except with superpowers.

i don't appear in the daydream as myself, but there are several characters that i identify with and wish i could be in real life.

my main/favorite character who i daydream about the most is a guy, and i'm a girl. i think the character i identify the most with is his girlfriend. there is another character who died in a car accident, and when she was alive she represented the person who i wish i could be. she's so flawless that it's unachievable for a person in real life, so her death kind of represents that. she is brought up a lot in the daydream because the characters are grieving over her death and such.

if that's too confusing:

main character's girlfriend = my personality, different name/body/setting/situation

girl who died = who i wish i could be (unachievable perfection)

I have greater dds that usually involve me as playing a completely separate being from myself but when I am upset or in problem solving/ anger ridding mode I play as a copy of my normal self. The latter only lasts for a few minutes while the former lasts hours lol
@Lee lol I did the same thing too and it took really long ending with the person thinking I'm crazy. Lol^ - ^

Does anyone else frequently swap over to a character of the other gender? Not (necessarily) in a sexual way.

my main character is always this gay 18 yr old guy. Even though im a 15 yr old girl

I find that with myself I do both. That is to say that I tend to play myself at times, and other times it is a character that I have invented. Even in my extensive plot stories I tend to play the character sometimes. I do not know if I play it more in extensive plots or mini daydreams? I will have to start paying attention to this. Now you got wondering about something I never thought about before.


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