Anyone daydream by replaying real life conversations or situations?

Now that I don't seek out my MDD by playing music, I've noticed that now I tend to try to replay a real life situation/conversation, so I'll just slip into it. Like if it was a good conversation, and I felt good afterwards about what I said and did, it's like I'm trying to feel that again, or if it was a not so great conversation, then I try to replay it and change it, but then feel disappointed because I can't. Does this happen to anyone else when they daydream?

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Yes definitely... it's like I reply the day in my head esp if it was amazing or somebody I liked say something that I really loved to make me blush ... I definitely act out the rest of the scenes in my head

Do you also do it if you didn't like the conversation? Do you try to fix it or change your response in your DD?

Yes, this is what I do. If the conversation did not go the way I wanted I start to imagine it with the "right" outcome.
And I also feel disappointed because I can't change it...

yep, there's a few things from my past that I hate happened and sometimes they pop up, and I just try to replay them but it's like painful to try. I decided it's best to ignore those as much as possible, otherwise I immediately feel like shit.

Sometimes people tell me to not worry because the past is the past and it had a reason why things went the way they did. And they are right, however despite of this knowledge I always have difficulties in looking forward instead of thinking of this situation or conversation that did not go the way I wanted it. After a certain time I can, but it can take days.... ( in which I am struggling with myself for not reacting differently and replaying the situation in my head).

I do the exact same thing. For instance, if I had a fight with somebody and didn't really stand up for myself... I would later on the day think of better things I could've said and recreate the situation in my head (Obviously with my ending up as the champion in the conversation). I always try "fix" things I obviously can't in reality as a sort of coping mechanism. 


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