Anyone carry on multiple story lines at the same time?

Where something triggers an idea for a new daydream but the one you were in isn't at an ending. I had this happen today and now seem to be bouncing back and forth but it is stressing me out. Like someone changing the TV channel while you're trying to watch a show. 

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Haha that happens to me sometimes too! I always had the one big main storyline, but now I've got two, and when that second one came along, it was a bit confusing at first, but I'm somewhat used to it now.

Also, with the minor scenes, I often do this too, and I absolutely hate it when I can't remember what I had been fantasizing abou previously, after being interrupted by another daydream.

I often sort of go bit by bit with DDing and listening to music, too. I DD, then I pay attention to the lyrics, then song changes/instrumental part, or I stop paying attention, and start DDing again, then randomly go back to paying attention to music.

im constantly stuck in this state. i usually have 2 or more going. it gets confusing sometimes but then i just blend them together. makes for some interesting plots. :)

I do that all the time! But I rather enjoy throwing my characters into different scenarios to see how they would react or change after tweaking the story. I switch among a dozen scenarios a day until I can find one to settle down with for bed. My scenarios are very simple and don't have endings, so it's not that jarring to me when I switch. xD

Lol I do that a lot! but I don't usually get triggers for a completely new daydream, just triggers for a new character or situation to put in one of my main daydreams. I have like 3 main daydreams that I often think about, and a couple others which I keep on the back burner and let enter my mind whenever I experience something that relates to them. :)

I do this all the time. Something in every day life will trigger a new scenario/daydream. I can have several different ones going on at once. When i daydream i sometimes have control on which one to go to.

Sometimes, I have multiple story lines going on in my head and it can get very annoying. So I try to combine them into one, taking the best elements and characters from each and 'mesh' them together, so to speak.

Yes i have very long standing daydreams that go on and on for years but have stories within them like a soap opera. But i got 2 daydreams and when im bored with one alternate them.
Its fun as when im walking and start daydreaming i can find myself thinking hmmmm this daydrem just doesnt fit right now then think of my other one and it fits perfectly .

Also scnerios and 'action scnenes' change all time so i often have more than one on at a time

hi greyartist.

yes i can do this and you are right it is really makes your time dding not feel right.

im not sure why i do it and why sometimes i not sure for instance if its because there is alot on my mind or that there isnt so its hard to stay so focused.

it also happends for me the other way round where i want to concentrate on an old comfortable ddreram and new one keeps trying to intrude.


best wishes sue 

This happens to me a lot. I usually have three main story lines going on in my head (one of which is a DD of one of my characters). With one specific story line I will jump around on my timeline so one minute my character is in his 20's then next he's in his 30's. I am really good at keeping it all straight and remembering things that happened at different times in each daydream. I like being able to do this because like Roobles said, when I get bored I can easily switch to a totally different DD or to a different time in one.


Yeah, I usually end up creating a new daydream where both main characters from the separate ones both live. They're some of my favourite daydreams :)

I usually have two or three going at the same time.


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