Recently I went to a psychiatrist and was started on lamictal for a mood disorder. My maladaptive  dreaming has reduced by 90% surprising nobody more than myself. I have searched the web to try and find a reason for this and found this quote in a mood disorder forum.


It is likely that some mood disorders involve a certain amount of dissociation - that is, a refocussing of attention away from painful situations (especially social ones) and onto a powerful,  fantasy.  So bipolar disorder may be a matter of an energetic fantasy phase followed by emotional exhaustion followed by another energetic fantasy phase, and so on.


I want to make it clear that I do not have many of the bipolar symptoms eg racing thoughts,pressurised speech,hypersexuality,shopping sprees etc.

My doc put me on it because my moods were shifting with the seasons and also along with my menstrual cycle.Other than that I do not meet the criteria for bipolar and have not been diagnosed with it. I also have a history of episodic alcohol abuse and she thought I was self medicating something. I also have a history of social anxiety/avoidant behaviour. Lamictal shifted the whole lot in one fell swoop.


I am absolutely amazed. I wanted to share it with people here. I would seriously recommend a 2 week trial of lamictal if your doc would agree to prescribe it.

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I've tried Lamictal and several other medications.  They've never helped with anything but sleep.  I currently take 4 medications including an antipsychotic and one that's normally used for anxiety, but I only take them for sleep.  I have no psychoses, and I get no relief from my anxiety.  My point is that many medications are used to treat many things other than what they're mainly prescribed for.  Taking a mood stabilizer doesn't mean you're bipolar.
I think that is what I was taking and it did help a bit, but then I stopped taking it, believing that I should be able to have control over my mind without the use of medication. In my case I am glad that I did just because I hate to have to be dependent on outside sources for the rest of my life - that doesn't fit well with me. I was able to change my brain chemicals manually but it took some playing around with and constant practice of different exercises over a great period of time. But there are certainly some good medications out there for this and other things.
I, too, am currently on Lamictal due to drastic mood shifts related to my menstrual cycle and social anxiety.  Unfortunately, this medication is not having the positive results you are seeing, but again, everyone reacts differently.  Cordellia makes a good point in that many medications have an off-label use and are helpful for conditions they weren't originally meant to treat.  Finding a medication regime that works is a long arduous process, so congrats that you found something that works!

Lamictal is great if you have bipolar disorder or certain symptoms. It really helps clear the head. Another good medication for people with disorganized thought patterns/intrusive thoughts is Seroquel.


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