Hello all!

I am a graduate student in Georgetown University, and I am conducting an academic research about maladaptive daydreaming. Please complete this survey about maladaptive daydreaming and media. It should take less than 20 minutes to complete, and I would really appreciate your help! Please contact me from hu17@georgetown.edu if you have any questions. 

Here is the link:


Thank you!

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Done it

Why do you have to be 18 or older?


Hello! I do not have the permission to the research on children, so unfortunately I can't get collect responses from those below 18.

Hi. I completed your survey based on how I used to live over the past 10-plus years. MD was minimal in high school and didn't affect me much. It got worse during the first year of university. It got really bad during my post-grad years. Now I feel I've recovered from it (it took about 4 years of trying and failing).  I can control my urge to imagine, perform or live out ideal situations. I sometimes have urges to go back to my fantasy land. I have completely eliminated my main trigger: pop music. I now listen to audiobooks or classical music. I'm even thinking of switching the instrument I'm learning from guitar to flute/clarinet/violin. Guitar just makes me daydream of being a guitar strumming starlet. :) (I suppose I could imagine myself as a classical star, but classical music does not have that music-celebrity life I was obsessed with a child through MTV shows like music awards, behind the scenes, artist diaries, interviews etc. My obsession with these shows had me think that my life would be better if I could enter these worlds)

I now have a self-talk that helps me "stay" when I want to escape. 

This is pretty interesting. I found that a lot of the questions are those asked to see if someone has ADHD. Some of the questions also appear to be similar to those that (i would assume) are asked to people who possibly have OCD/anxiety. Is this because you feel that they can be linked in some way with Maladaptive daydreaming?

I thought the same as Roxy123. Only thing lacking from the study is the question if people had or did not have a traumatic event in their past. Seems like there are a lot of MDDers that did and some that didn't. I would have been curious to know how many.

I also noticed that and I'm curious as well ^^ being a person with generalized anxiety.  I hope they get some more research on this topic soon because I'd like to know more about it.  I've read it is compared to dissociative disorders, but I'm not entirely sure they should be lumped together.  

Hello everybody!!

About my research.. My research involves multiple measures, however the main relationship that I am researching is the relationship between media consumption and maladaptive daydreaming. This is mainly because I am currently studying in a Masters program in Communication, Culture & Technology, and I approach daydreaming as a cultural practice. I agree that there should be more research about this issue, and hopefully my research will call the attention of scholars in different disciplines. Thank you to all of you for your collaboration and interest. I will definitely let you know about my findings!

Well it's an interesting approach, seeing as most of my daydreaming is "external import", I will be happy to read up more on your research.

took the survey. 


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