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So i have been struggling with daydreaming excessively for longer than i can remember and have only really noticed it to be a serious problem recently now that im in my late teens.. I have noticeed how it has been over taking my life and i tend to spend more time daydreaming about life etc. than accually living it, this causes me a great deal of anxiety. I have only today stumbled across some helpful, enlighting information that has in affect lead me to this page. Truth is i really want to start studying but cant seem to get my head in order and to be able to concerntrate because of all of the daydreaming.

Any helpful tips in being able to bring it under control?

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I wish I knew what to tell you. I'm almost 30 & dealing with the same issues. I only take a few classes & don't work because homework & studying takes an insane amount of time for me. I'll spend 5+ hours trying to study 1 simple math lesson. I can't make my brain relax & focus enough to read. We're working on figuring out solutions. I'm determined to learn how to work through this. Hang in there, and also check out the other forum questions as I'm pretty sure this has been discussed there too. Look at "what methods have you tried to apply to get yourself to stop dreaming". I'm sure it was discussed there and probably on some others as well. Good luck & keep us posted.
I'm just gonna shoot from the hip... for all of us there are times when we can work... no matter how short the a time period... we know we can get there. So the question is how can each of us get there and stay there. Well, undoubtedly because of what we deal with, we have to face a lot of discomfort to sit our selves down... to focus. Some of us have it so bad that they really disassociate and are hanging by a very thin strand of reality at times. I think we have to expect and engrain the expectation of discomfort. We have to move towards it, and its going to tough. we may not win every fight (stopping our selves from daydreaming)... but maybe we can win a few more and maybe those few will make all the difference... My goal is to try to be a little happier and more in control of my life...


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