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Fantasy Characters based on real people

Started this discussion. Last reply by Paul Rapp May 29, 2018. 6 Replies

So I am dealing with something right now and there are not a lot of people that I can discuss it with. It occurs to me that this community is one that would likely understand.Have any of you ever…Continue

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Paul Rapp commented on Drema's blog post No Title
"In my experience with psychologists and therapists it is very difficult to find a good one. I never saw a therapist for daydreaming, though, it was for depression. Out of four psychologists that I saw as an adult only one ever really helped.…"
Dec 11, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Sarah's discussion Can someone please get rid of all these ads
"I don't think anyone is steering this boat anymore. I don't know if the site has moderators other than just Cordelia and I don't think that she is actively monitoring the site anymore. Not only should the spam be removed but the…"
Nov 26, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Sam's discussion When your dreams are better than reality...
"OK, before anything else, are you on medication? It sounds like maybe you need to be. There are medications out there that can really help depression. I went through a major depression about ten years ago. I was reluctant to go on medication and…"
Jul 27, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Roseanne Sinclair's discussion I want a diagnosis
"It sounds like you have some complex issues going on that go well beyond MDD. If you want a diagnosis I don't think that the members here are really qualified to do that. You would be better served to seek a professional in the psychology…"
Jul 23, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Juliana Rose's discussion Fearing reality won't live up to my MD
"Oh, your life will never be as good as your daydreams, not at least if you are doing the daydreaming right. But that is nothing to be depressed about. While you can't really make your daydreams real, you can use them as inspiration for what you…"
Jul 23, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Iffa's discussion Do you act your daydreams?
"I have done that, actually acting out a daydream while it is going on. I only ever did that when I was still a minor. It has rarely, if ever, happened since becoming an adult. When I do this I do it ONLY when I am alone. Never when other people are…"
Jun 28, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Theaxe's discussion Do Your MD Characters Have a "Shelf Life"?
"That is a really very interesting question. I have had several different MD storylines throughout my life. Some of those storylines were put on the shelf long ago while others have continued through to today. Certain characters are associated with…"
Jun 28, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Karlisie's discussion What do you think ?
""Normal" is mostly based on a statistical bell curve. If you are within a standard deviation of the mean then you are "normal". I don't think it is wrong to assume that most of us are not within a standard deviation of the…"
May 29, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Paul Rapp's discussion Fantasy Characters based on real people
"I don't think the fact that Theaxe's character was based on someone that she didn't actually know made it any less real for her (I am assuming that Theaxe is female based on previous comments, please excuse my if I am wrong). I can…"
May 29, 2018
Fishno7 replied to Paul Rapp's discussion Fantasy Characters based on real people
"The MD character you based on was a celebrity that you don't know personally. In OP and my case, our MD based on real person that we know personally. For a person that has little understanding of how celebrity affects one, the concept of a…"
May 29, 2018
Fishno7 replied to Paul Rapp's discussion Fantasy Characters based on real people
"In my story, the background is probably a little bit similar to hunger games (ehh, don't judge this because I didn't read the whole story anyway), where the conflicts roll like a snowball that it eventually require us to solve it by…"
May 27, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Paul Rapp's discussion Fantasy Characters based on real people
"For me I think it is the loss of the actual person. As for the character based on her, I moved on from that many years ago. Still, it is a bit hard to separate the real person from the fantasy person, but since my relationship with the fantasy…"
May 26, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Melodie95's discussion Do we have control issues?
"Yes, I think that is a big part of it. When I was young especially I felt like I had little control over anything at all, but in my daydreams I was secretly able to be in control of almost everything. I was a mad scientist with a laboratory full of…"
May 26, 2018
Fishno7 replied to Paul Rapp's discussion Fantasy Characters based on real people
"Well, maybe I should claim the "exactly same" title here. :P One of my MD story, has characters all based on real-life people I know. It includes all of my friends, classmates, and other people etc, and I categorize them into roles listed…"
May 23, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to Paul Rapp's discussion Fantasy Characters based on real people
"I don't think I would describe this as "exactly" the same, but certainly it is similar. Basing a fantasy character on a picture in a magazine or newspaper of someone that you never met seems more like daydreaming about a celebrity or…"
May 22, 2018
Paul Rapp replied to David Burkett's discussion Another name for this disorder
"I am not sure that "Maladaptive Daydreaming" is a term that encompasses the entire spectrum of this "disorder". I am not even sure that "disorder" is entirely accurate. I think that perhaps some people may daydream more…"
May 22, 2018

A Lifetime of Daydreaming

My name is Paul, and I am a Maladaptive Daydreamer.

I have only recently discovered that this thing that I have been doing for most of my life has a name. When I first learned about MD from another web forum it sounded like me, and so I looked it up. My experience matched the description very well, from the long story arcs, characters, and triggers based on books, movies, TV and music, to the associated physical motions.

My most "maladaptive" period was in my earlier years, peaking from maybe third grade to early high school. In my later teens and into adulthood I integrated it better into my life and adapted it better to reality, but I have never entirely stopped doing it. Today I am 61 years old and still often escape into fantasy, but I try to control it better and don't let it dominate my life. Even the physical manifestations are still there to some degree and I often need to consciously suppress them. 

For my profile I selected a photo of me in that childhood period when my daydreaming was at its most intense, and most "maladaptive". So, at least for now, that little daydreamer can be my face on here.

I am happy to be hear and learn more about myself and how others have dealt with this issue and, perhaps, I can be of help to others also dealing with it.

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