Why don't people mind their own bussiness?

 It was 10.30 pm in clock and I was in my friends room, which was my x-room and suddenly I decided to shift my 7-8 books, which I never shifted to my room,bcz, there is holiday tomorrow, so I could return them to shopkeeper and borrow new ones for my this semester exam.

Two girls were talking when I was about to carry that pile of books to my room and one of them said-"what a show off!". Well, I really didn't understand her comment. The whole hostel is busy doing their own work, there is no one else to watch me except those two, then from what angle I am doing show off. Instead of asking "shall I help you?", carrying my own books by myself is show off?

Why don't they just care about themselves. Tomorrow I ll be doing shopping, so according to them I am wasting my father's money. Some another day, I will be studying in library, so that's also show off. blah.. blah..

Please grow up and mind your own business.

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Comment by samurai on February 19, 2013 at 8:56am

well, I have asked before, answer was: excuse me, I never said anything about you.

Comment by taffle on February 19, 2013 at 7:36am

People are so busy competing with each other that they're willing to step over each other to get to the top. I would also just ignore these girls but if I have the courage, I would ask them why they think I'm a showoff.

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