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When to tired to not slip out inside conversatoins.

I was at the local post office. I was mailing my rent and a letter to my pen pal. Well, it was going great but during the whole transaction I was having inner conversation on what to do afterwards. Doing this and that, "oh that's a great idea." Then it came to finish the transaction at the counter I meant to say, "have a good day." Instead I blurted out, "that's a great idea". oh NOOOOOOOO. Did I just let out an inner conversation?!!! OH CRAP. I was so embarrassed. The lady looked surprised and her boss even stopped what he was doing and looked up. CRAP, oh CRAP!! I attempted to play cool and laugh it off and say, "I'm tired, I need coffee or something, , I meant to say, have a  good day." I said while laughing and walking out the door.

Now I feel like I cannot  go back to that place but you know I will have to. It is after all the local post office. I hate being like this.  

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Comment by Lisa Tomlin on July 3, 2017 at 7:43am

Rose, Oh its a small town. I think you are right though they may not remember or think anything of it. My MDD can be done anywhere. and even if I am busy. Interesting how  its different for others. 

Comment by Rose on July 3, 2017 at 3:52am

Everyone has internal dialogue just MDers have much more than others! My internal dialogue often comes out but it's mostly not DD related as I need to be quiet/relaxed to DD.

E.g., a few weeks ago I rode my really really old motorbike to a local market, then when I went to go home it would not start and there was petrol leaking out of one of the hoses (I am self-taught with mechanics so don't know real names for these things) and I said 'oh, shit, what's wrong with you now!' to my bike, and this man and his wife who were getting into their car glared at me like I was mad. Meh...I just think 'well, I'm never going to see you again,' and I fixed my bike and rode home.

Your post office...is it in a small town where you may see them again? I doubt they will remember you saying the wrong reply. If not then who cares, they may just think you have bad hearing?

Comment by Allen Mokadem on July 1, 2017 at 8:19pm
Haha. That moment ! Everyone would look weirdly at you. It happens to me, but I don't fully say what I was thinking. Luckily I manage to cut half of the word before it is blurted and then stutter what I intend to say. It's really a hard thing to switch from inner thinking to outside thinking right ! Don't worry about the post, I bet nobody remembers what happened. :)

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