What I did today :-D (dream world and real life)

Real life:
-Messed up big time on a really important project in art class. We were making pinch pots. Everyone's pinch pot, EXCEPT FOR MINE, turned out beautifully. I messed up on pretty much every single thing we were supposed to do to make the pot, so it turned out terrible beyond description. The weird thing is, I wasn't even daydreaming the entire time I listened to the teacher's instructions and made the pot.
-Nothing else out of the ordinary really happened

Fantasy world:
-Went wake boarding :-D (I've never been wake boarding in real life except for in Wii Sports Resort)
-Rode on a jet ski :-D (never done that in real life either)
-Still felt like swimming, so I went to a water park :-D (I've been to lots of water parks, but this one was cooler than any water park that exists in real life)

*Sigh* The real world can be so boring and hard compared to the world of my imagination.

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