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I read about this Network in the article on Daydreaming in  Scientific America but I am slightly confused.  To whom am I posting?


I have been daydreaming off and on as long as I can remember.  I have been a pioneer child crossing the snowy prairie, the beautiful widow out West,  brilliant student and beautiful actress.  I am now deeper into any fantasy I have every have.  Before I go on, I'd like to understand who is reading all of this and what kind of privacy protection I have.  I have NEVER told anyone that I do this.  The one exception is my current shrink who has no idea the depth of my daydreaming. 



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Comment by Cordellia Amethyste Rose on February 23, 2011 at 1:33pm

Hi, Nan.  Your blog is public, since I can see it.  However, it's very easy to limit it.  You have three options, which you can change: public (anyone can see), friends only (so only people you've added as friends on this site), or private (no one but you can see it).  This is meant to help you, so if you just want a place to blog where no one else can see it, you're definitely welcome to.  You can set that setting when you blog, or go back & change it by clicking "edit".  I can talk you through it in chat if you want.  


Also, for what it's worth, just because it's public doesn't mean people you know are necessarily going to find you.  They'd have to be looking for this site and recognize you or perhaps Google you.  If you're worried about a nosy friend or family member Googling you, you can always use a made-up name.  We have some creative ones on here.  Lol.  Do whatever makes you comfortable.  This site is meant to be a support system and a safe place to play without feeling judgment.  You can message me any time if you need help or just want to talk.  


We have a wonderful community here.  People often read each other's blogs and offer encouragement.  I hope you find this site helpful.  :)  


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