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TV producer in NYC seeking interviewees in NY-NJ-Conn area -can remain anonymous

Hello.  This is Cordellia, site founder and admin.  I spoke to a woman who is a TV producer in NYC, and she's looking to help spread the word about Maladaptive Daydreaming so that the world will know more and be more accepting, which is greatly needed.  She is seeking one or two people to be interviewed.  They can be anonymous if desired.  It will not be live, and she's happy to talk with them in advance if that helps.  I've pasted her message with contact info below. 

"I am a producer with WCBS-TV in New York City, working on a story about maladaptive daydreaming…I am looking to interview someone who is such a daydreamer in the NY-NJ-Conn area…the story would air in our 11 p.m. broadcast.  I feel that many people suffer from this, and that it is not well understood.  I think this story could enlighten our viewers and let those who are such daydreamers know that they are far from alone.  An interview would take about 20 minutes.  If anyone is interested, please e mail me at ptighe@cbs.com, or call me directly at  (212) 975-7953.  I would be more than happy to answer any questions….thank you!

Best regards,

Pam Tighe"  

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