First, I want to say thank you for all your supportive comments.  I have looked at daydreaming as something to get rid of for over thirty years.  I have never considered it as something to manage.  I thought of it as a neutral activity, like vacuuming.  Now that I have changed directions and am looking at it from a different perspective, I realize I have feelings involved.  For one thing daydreaming makes me feel safe and secure.  Secondly, when I move away from it, I have feelings of abandonment.  I am a planner, I rarely do things on a whim or without having a lot of information first.  So now I feel like I have waved my secret security blanket in front of everyone before I knew what it was.  Knowing that helps me to feel better about the situation.  I think that taking things a bit more slowly will help.  And, really, thank you for even being interested, this isn't something I can just broadcast wherever. 

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