This is an experiment to see if writing about a reoccurring DD will help make it go away. There is this scene that keeps replaying, like a song being stuck in my head, for months now. I am not a writer, I am an artist, so the use of words is strange for me. But we will see if this helps me move forward.

The Chase

There is snow everywhere, no sound, silence, the way it is when there is deep snow. No rustle of leaves or chirping of birds. All the earth watches in silence. I can hear my heavy breathing, and the pounding of my heart. With my head down I watch my feet in fuzzy boots, breaking through the snow disturbing the flat white surface of the field as I go.  

Then the silence is broken with the bellow of the bear. I look back, it’s closer, gaining ground. It’s fur ripples across the muscles as it thunders along with much longer strides then mine. I look forward, the cave, can I make it? The opening is too small for the bear, if only I can make it. My chest feels like it will burst, my leg muscles ache and are so tight, I expect to fall at any moment.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a figure. I look, it’s a man. A tall man draped in fur, running diagonally towards me, holding a spear. He yells something but I can’t understand him. I keep running, and running, I can barely breath. I hear the bear bellow again, I don’t look, just keep running, the cave is so close. I reach the cave and squeeze thru the opening. I collapse against the back wall.

The silence of the cave echoes my heart beat. It thunders in my ears, my head aches from the sound. I try to catch my breath. I strain to hear anything from outside. What happened? I wait to see if the bear’s face will appear at the cave’s opening. But instead, the man’s face appears. He has long sandy blond hair with war braids on each side of his face. He peers in with his ice blue eyes. He tries to enter but he is too broad. Then he reaches his hand thru, beckoning to me. He speaks but I can’t understand his language. I look at his hand, is he my rescuer? My miracle? Or another predator? Should I trust him?

I gently take his hand. He tries to pull me thru but I jerk my hand back. He presses his face into the opening. I reach up and touch his cheek. I look at his eyes, the windows of the soul. He has tender eyes. Maybe I can trust him. I can’t stay here. I have no food, no way to build a fire. I would not survive the night. He extends his hand again, I take it. I squeeze thru the opening and we look at each other. He turns and starts walking thru the snow. I follow him in silence.

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Comment by Bittersweet Nostalgia on July 31, 2012 at 2:29pm
That's very interesting! My DD's are mostly inspired by movies, books or songs so when I write them down they turn into fanfiction. I wish I could think of something original like you at least :/
Comment by greyartist on July 22, 2012 at 10:05am

I do think it helped. That DD has not returned so far. Kind of skipping around with other themes. So maybe there is something to it. Since I never could "finish it" I needed it to go away. 

Comment by Emily on July 22, 2012 at 9:08am

Oh, if only I had as much talent as you! That was incredible! If you write more, I will be most excited to read it!

I think I understand what you're doing, writing it out making it a real physical thing to move on. When there's a song stuck in my head, I'm driven insane until I get my headphones and listen to it. Perhaps this scene is like a song. You have to somehow have it physically there to move on. Interesting. If my writing (and drawing) skills didn't make me want to kill myself, I would certainly be writing out my daydreams.

Have you drawn your daydreams before? Maybe you've made a  post or blog about it before, but you're an artist, have you shared your work before on here? I thought you had... :/

Comment by J Noland on July 20, 2012 at 6:29pm

well that's more intriguing than the stack of half read books that I have laying around! Many things could happen after that. I'm thinking Game of Thrones north of The Wall stuff here. But you are trying to get rid of this dd. Is the writing helping?

Comment by greyartist on July 20, 2012 at 6:22am

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