For as long as I can remember I have had several other lives inside my head. When I was little, I remember walking like 10 metres behind my mum on our way to school every morning, so I could talk to myself and day dream. Ever since then, every  time that I am walking alone, I day dream. And, usually, it isn't even nice thing I'm dreaming about. It's being attacked, or hurt. It's people I love getting hurt. It's all these different scenarios. At first it was only walking, but now I do it at work, when doing monotonous tasks. And I sometimes do it on purpose; I will purposefully leave the house to go walking, so I can daydream. If I'm listening to music, that will be part of the daydream, either as a soundtrack or as the main feature. Books and films get me started as well. As soon as I've finished reading, I want to go and daydream myself into it. And I do. When I was younger, I would daydream out loud to myself, talking to people who were not there. I was always fully aware that they were not there, but still did it. It was a way to get away from my life. I thought I was just strange.

Then I heard of this. And, wow. I'm not crazy? There are others? You have no idea how relieved that makes me. Thankyou.

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Comment by Mili on April 5, 2013 at 9:27am

I think I am daydreaming for my whole life, I did this when I was small, and I pushed everyone from me, but I don't think they are so great that I shouldn't push them away. For the past five years I am daydreaming and treating for depression, but psychiatrist doesn't have a clue what's MD, When I told him that I am daydreaming and I am doing like all day, he just said stop daydreaming and that's that, just yesterday I have heard about this MD and now I know what is actually wrong with me, and I don't know but since last night when I found out what is wrong with me, I just can't daydream, it is like, I am confronted with a problem and now I can't escape, and trust me, daydreaming even it is giving you a pleasure you really don't wanna go there were I have been. I daydreamed so much that I lost the touch with a world, I couldn't get up of a bed because the real world sucked, and than it was like i couldn't get up any more, like an adiction, I couldn't eat, drink, wash my hear or my face, because I have to get up from a bed and have to have a contact with a real life, I had my life there in imaginary world and I wasn't alone, I had my imaginary people who understood me, it was so bad that after 3 months of laying in my bed I started to hear voices in my head, the people I was talking with in my world I could actualy hear them and talk with them and I believed that I can hear their thougths and they mine, so we spoke through my mind, crazy right.... The drug antipsychotic got me out of there, but still I am in this world but not that deep. I hope this reveal what's wrong with me will help me deal with this problem and hopefully I will stop to daydream

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