When I MD, there seems to be two kind of 'types' happening in my head. One is the long, continuous stories that pop us again and again. This mainly happens when I am alone, either listening to music and/or walking/pacing. However, when I am other people and they say something/hint at something, I often start MDing in different little scenarios, interpretating the thing they just said. These are quick little daydreams, coming one after the after. These effect me the same way my normal, extensive, detailed daydreams do; they make me laugh, make me cry.

Just in case you don't understand anything I'm saying, here is an example of what happened kinda recently. Myself and a friend were playing the 'Would you rather?' game ( eg. Would you rather only be able to eat garlic for the rest of your life, or marry a gorilla) and I was asked whether I would rather have never read, or never written (I am an english nerd. I love writing and reading.) I was immediately overcome with tears, and my mind was creating scenarios of the alternatives. In my head, it was so detailed and quick, feeling the emotion I would feel in that scenario, very similar to how I feel when I MD. I was just wondering if any else experienced shorter bouts of daydreaming in a similar way to me, or if you would even consider this part of it.

This type of daydream for me is what gets in the way of my life. It makes me anxious, and people notice.

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Comment by KwanKwan on April 15, 2013 at 4:42pm

yes i experience the shorter bouts. But it's the continous ones that get in the way of my life.

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