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I know it is personal but if you are comfortable with it, i would like to hear what other people dream about. What kind of world it is, characters, unusual details. I'm just interested to hear other peoples stories!


p.s. None can be as weird as mine!

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Comment by Tila on September 4, 2011 at 10:09pm

Bee, I feel the need to make my characters flawed as well! If they are too perfect and "mary-sue" I can't believe in them, even though I know they're not real to begin with, Lol.

Well you wanted to know, so here goes.....

Mine revolve around an interconnected group of friends, and their families. There is a girl who is like a better version of me. I express every strong opinion and subject I am passionate about through her. She is tough, hilarious, insightful about the world, loyal and protective of her friends, and has pierced cheeks. She is very insecure & feels out of control all the time, though she never shows this to anyone. Her mom o.d.ed on heroin when she was 3, and she was raised by her dad, whom she adores and kind of idolizes.

Her best friend is a sensitive,  self-doubting girl and her even shyer younger sister, who is like a gothic wallflower, (haha!). But they both open up to her, and the three of them gather at the sisters' house. I realized that the sisters represent the part of me that I present to the world (and the part of me that I often hate!)

The mother of the sisters was part of the original punk scene in London. London is also where all these people live. She happens to run into the friend's father at the bar he's working at, and thinks he's the most gorgeous thing she's ever seen. (She doesn't know he is her daughter's friend's father until much later) What happens from there is still taking shape.

Most of my daydreams are experience through the eyes of the mother of the two sisters.


I realize this sounds like some creepy soap opera, but its much bigger than that. I am just trying to summarize, which I'm finding is impossible. :P

Comment by Lucy Smither on August 30, 2011 at 2:59pm
It's a bit embarrassing but here goes,my current daydream involves me as this beautiful world famous singer and my relationships with different celebrities.My daydream is very similar to that as described by Alex Probst below.My daydream too consists of me having to dealing with crazy fans,scandals,and a relationship with an A list actor.My best friend isn't Oprah however,but Rihanna instead ! Hope this isn't too bizarre ;)
Comment by Bee on June 24, 2011 at 7:41pm

I have to agree with the others, talking about it would just feel odd. Even here I still feel like everyone will still think I'm weird. 


I will share though, on a not so personal level, that I don't play a role in my 'plays'.  I've never thought of playing a part. Maybe just because that would, for me, connect that world too much to reality. But I'm sure that in a way I am a part of each of my characters. Their lives and problems share so many similarities with my own. 


The only other thing I've noticed (and this is maybe just because of low self esteem) is that I start feeling unsettled when a character starts to become too much of a hero or idealised. My mind will start to find elaborate ways of inventing character flaws or situations to make them a more rounded person for me.   

Comment by Matthew Scott on June 22, 2011 at 11:54am
I have many stories and sagas I have built over the years, but the one I use most now is about a fictional country named Jozerdan, complete with a detailed history, unique government, and ten native ethnicities.  I also fantasize about my band touring the world and when I was younger I would imagine an exact replica of Earth made entirely of food.
Comment by Alex Probst on June 21, 2011 at 7:50pm
I've been dieing to finally share my current daydream story right now I'm literally the most famous person on planet earth, I'm a singer in a band, a model and award winning actress.  Its honestly very weird because as i think about it, it sounds very conceded but in real life I'm not conceded at all.   So my dreams consist of dealing with crazy fans, scandals, I always have a new celebrity boyfriend and I'm best friends with Oprah.  So weird to finally tell some one. thank you. What are yours?
Comment by Delorean Jones on June 20, 2011 at 3:01pm
The enormous beach-side city-wide hotel with interconnecting water-slides that go through different worlds and memories.

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