THE SECRET-and Maladaptive Daydreaming!!!??!!!! PLESE HELP

    Ok, So i will try to make this as brief as possible. THE SECRET for anyone who doesnt know- this is just a brief summary basicly  talking about the film. The secret is a belief somewhat revolving around positive thoughts and useing your thoughts and emotions to make your own reality. Your thoughts are energy, your body is made of atoms that are made of energy. Your thoughts are released into the universe creating your own future, and ATTRACTING what you want or dont want depending on how you think and feel. it still applys and works with all spiritual, religious, ANY beliefs. 

I have a hard time truly explaining it.. but lots of people believe in it. It was uses by great leaders etc. i myself have found it to work great if i really focus on what i want..

For those who haven't read it or watched the movie. please make sure you have the full proper understanding before making assumptions lol


ANYWAYS for those who DO understand, my question is. Our daydreams arew composed of thoughts, feelings, and visualize. EVERYTHING the secret says you need to attract what your thinking about and make it into reality.

idk about you but my daydreams take place at time in extreme fictional fantasy.. im sorry but i dont care how much i think about a fire breathing dragon. its not happening here lol. I have found that my daydreams of reality WILL happen or will happen similar if i dream it repetitively!! 


What about my negative daydreams??? sometimes when i was younger i dreamt of running away from home and becoming a badass street rebel XD but now as i'm older ive seen the streets are not the place for me. it was not long after those daydreams that i found what the streets where truly like..


now everyone and anyone can use THE SECRET. but as daydreamers we have our thoughts and feelings made STRONGER and what we want MUCH CLEARER. then most 'normal' people...

 i belive in the secret... but i think the secret could be so much more too people like us. 

Thoughts, Opinions...Enlightenment?? lol

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Comment by Marcelo on October 23, 2011 at 2:31pm

I watched the movie, i believe in it. I already made the visualization to find a park place and it worked.

Maybe if we keep the focus of our DD in one thing that we wish so much, it can work. I will try it,

Comment by Vendetta_Crazzed on October 23, 2011 at 2:01pm
good point. like in every daydream for the past 18 years ive been skinny. i can think and daydream it all i want but im still stuffing my face with junk. has my dream happend? nope lol and ya everyone should definitely read or watch the secret. im sure people with MD could accomplish amazing things with it

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