Sure Solution for MD but time taking

Hi friends well our problem is that we cant control our mind .If we are able to control our stream of thoughts we control our mind and if control our mind we control our life.

I have attended a meditation camp which was a 10 days residential meditation camp. Vipassana meditation was the technique of meditation.In this we are taught  how to control our thought and become more focused in our life.The vipassana mediation camp which i attended it was free of cost. You will be given instruction and u should follow them strictly in order to get full benefit.Here is the link u can check out if it is available in your location or not

I would say that its not necessary to join this particular meditation course only  but go for vipassan meditation that  is good but if u r doing some other form of meditation that is also good because in the end all the meditation technique teaches you

how to control mind .It does not mean if u do a course of 10 or 3 days you will be out of MD .It will reduce and you will know how to control your thought .U need to do meditation daily and then you will reach a stage where you dnt have MD any more.How much time it will take it depends on you few takes one month others 2 months some may take 6 months and others may take a year.How much time to devote I prefer one hour .In starting it might seem impossible well it will be like that only everyone feels this way in the beginning but after some time you will start noticing the results.  I would like to mention again daily meditation ,your full faith,determination will be required for this.I am also new to meditation I will post again about my experience.


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