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Sure Solution for MD but time taking

Hi friends well our problem is that we cant control our mind .If we are able to control our stream of thoughts we control our mind and if control our mind we control our life.

I have attended a meditation camp which was a 10 days residential meditation camp. Vipassana meditation was the technique of meditation.In this we are taught  how to control our thought and become more focused in our life.The vipassana mediation camp which i attended it was free of cost. You will be given…


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daydreaming a excuse

 right now i did not felt like studying and i was daydreaming again so  that is the reason i am on this site right now writing this blog ,,,,,,,,,,coming to this site motivates me to stop daydreaming,,,,,but right now i think it is more of a excuse not to study thats it,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,

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any 1 of u got caught daydreaming??????

well i think my whole family knows i daydream bcoz they have caught me talking to my self,,,it is so embarrassing,  i remember once one of my friend told me that her neighbour hood lady talk to her self  ,,she said""i have seen her do this number of times ,, i think she is mad ""and then she started laughing In order to make her believe   that yes i also think doing lik this is so weird i also joined  her and laughed on her neighbour hood    lady....................That was the time that i…


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