Hi, so i want to study for my exams and i have failed in my previous exams but then i have these uncontrollable daydreams (been a topper in my class before ) ,I think I also have ADHD, I am dysfunctional in my life.
My mom is a narcissist and my dad is a passive parent that is both neglect me so i cant seek out for help to them. I will turn 17 soon and am stuck in online school ,What do I do?

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Comment by Andy Mebbins on December 30, 2020 at 7:35am

Plan your next day ahead. Make a timetable for the day with well-defined goals, and try your level best to stick it to the dot. And keep your goals realistic; if you say to yourself: " Come tomorrow, I am going to slog for 2 hours at a stretch! ", we both know that's not going to happen.  It's best to study according to a plan, rather than to study on a whim/impulse. Don't keep your goals based on the time you spend studying, but rather, the amount of material you cover should be the yardstick. Slowly make increments on the amount of material you cover each day. Studying/focusing with MD is like trying to swim with a rock chained to your leg -- yes, there are additional challenges for us, but that doesn't mean anything is impossible, you just gotta put in a little effort, that's all!

Comment by Valeria Franco on December 26, 2020 at 9:21am

You sound very "expert" in psychological notions. I guess it interests you. So maybe you can turn this interest into a useful way: learn how the brain works. You know, there are many studying techniques, which help retain information (like memory palaces). Studying could become a sort of game you play, a challenge.

(About ADHD: it could be also just MD causing attention dysfunction. I'm working on an interview that explains this well)

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