At work I desided to tell my friend who is 36, married with baby about MD I just sent a article to him not saying anything as I'm sure he dd a lot. He said wow this is just like me the pacing and constant fantasising of saving the world ect. So we both daydream a lot which is probably why we get on as we talk about aliens and things.

Anyway we decided to spot the daydreamers....

Through spotting potential daydreamers by the way they seem to float through the building, enjoy sitting alone without the need of a book/telly/phone to occupy them or generally staring into space.

I found that another colleague next to me dd who is 28 married with 3 children, also many others on other teams (after asking them) of all ages ethnicity social skills and attractiveness.

When asked do u think u could have done better if you diddnt dd most answered yes but never thought about it like that.
Therefore never really saw dd as a problem (not till I showed up anyway)

I have come to the conclusion dd is more common than we think or dd often end up in call centres

Also dd knows no bounds and is prevalent in anyone there fore is more of a charictor trait than a disorder.

It is hard not to get anything done and to live in constant dd but my dd is family I can't imagine stopping I may had a better life or may not have. But the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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