Well i always thought that listening to music and walking was my trigger.

Through this special month (ramadan) i uavestopped listening to music in order to get closer to god.

At first it was hard as when i walked to work everything i heared spooked me!!
But it stoped me dding for 2 whole days then my mind weby into dd ovetime. I stoped walking to work but found i would dd at work and bot get work done.

I now have found my trigger point....

My dreams

I dream nearly every night and i am my charictor ALWAYS in my night dreams but in different action packed scnerios or re-live my charictors life events. And i love it.

And then when i wake up......i dont want to leave it so i dd all day the gaps to it or dd the end of that 'episode' untill the bext lucid exciting dream.

When i wake up i am so irritable to people as i just want to dd my dream while its fresh and i hate people being around me, im more prone to dd in morning and nothing can prevent my dd then. When a dream is particulary good i am mad all day as all i want to do is dd the night dream and i hate people or life those days getting in my way of my dd.

I have started writing my charictors diary about her life and day as its so exciting and action packed. I wish she was real. It upset me to think only i know her when she is really wonderfull and has done so many brilliant things that people should know about. Its not real i know but for me its more real than you or i am real.

How do u stop a night time dreamng so exciting and causing me to Dd?

Sorry for the rant

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Comment by Silla Bakht on August 10, 2012 at 10:56am

i have the same triggers walking and listening music, my day dreams don't relevant to my dreams ,because along time i hav'nt seen any dream,but writing a dream is in my op0inion is a positive step to remove this MDD

Comment by Roobles on August 9, 2012 at 12:26am
Hi hunter. I dont know what lucid dreaming is? Is it where you controll your dreams. I not been able to do that unfortunatly but if the dream gets upsetting or boring i can change it slightly. Or if i wake up i will tell myself to dream of this instead and i start to vut i normally am always my charictor in my dreams

I can remeber my dreams really well like a film from start to finish

HAha i dont think drinking before bed is good hahahaha
Comment by Roobles on August 8, 2012 at 4:36am
Sorry for spelling and typos i am on my i phone

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