Lately I've been dd a lot. And I do this thing where I push everyone in real life away. And I've done so to my best friend and I just don't even know what to say to her anymore. It's like something happened and I don't know her anymore.

Nothing changed. 

But I can't feel our friendship.

This always happens. Between myself and everyone I know. I know it's because I retreat into my head and then reality just doesn't compare. But I'm at a loss. 

A loss of words and knowledge of what to do. 

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Comment by Jennifer on June 16, 2012 at 12:57am

Oh my gosh! I'm not the only one who does this to my best friend?! I feel like a complete jerk afterward, and I know that I can never take back what I did and that there's no way to ever make it up to her. I feel like a total idiot, and I feel guilty for days-sometimes even weeks-at a time. You're not alone, so try not to feel too down on yourself about it. Just knowing that it's not only you may help make this easier to get through. Does your friend know about your case of MD? If not, and you told her, maybe she'd understand?

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