Hey everyone! I'm back! I started school so I've been very busy lately, with all the schoolwork and field hockey... so I've actually been in a steady relationship with Grady (I believe I mentioned him in a previous post) since August 31st so there's yet another thing to add onto my stress. It's been hard to juggle a social life as well as this academic stuff, and to make things even more complicated, I'm on math team and in another club called Captains Club. This club has already had one full day field trip and we're about to go on a two day trip for a leadership conference, so it's quite hectic. My maladaptive daydreaming has decreased significantly in terms of frequency. I literally don't even have time to be distracted by thoughts of anything besides homework and relationship. I just thought I'd give you all this quick update on me so you know I'm not dead or anything. 

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