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I have to thank everyone who commented to my last post. It was so neat to see the responses. I love this place!

So, last night was the first night since I can even remember (aside of nights when I had been drinking or something) not DDing before I fall asleep. I usually have my OCD thing. I have to go to bed and fall asleep to a particular scene that I replay and replay and replay. I am not sure how I feel about not having done it. It wasn't intentional. I just ...forgot to. Very strange. But I won't forget tonight because I've thought about it all day. I haven't DD'd but I've thought about the DD. But well, still very interesting. The only thing different I can think of that happened yesterday was day 3 of having a cold and having two fussy kids with colds. Maybe I was just beyond exhausted.

Sometimes I want to blog about my actual DD's. Specifics. But even to you lovely people I feel possessive of them and don't want to share it. Not out of shame or embarrassment but because it's mine! I'm sure most of you understand.

But it's such an intimate scene but it's not romantic. It's actually two people who have to cling to one another so they won't freeze to death on a tundra like planet. Two people who were unlikely to be romantic and have this awkward moment.

That is my favorite. Awkward moments. Since joining this site I've taken stock of what emotions and dialogue and tone etc my DD's tend to dominantly take. And awkward moments between my characters are top notch. Which really begs from me to explore.

I also like an emotionally closed off male MC and a youthful and somewhat naive but plucky female. And for friends I have very loyal ones. Loyal to either MC. Loyal to a fault. And at least ONE betrayer. The friend who you never would have suspected. I always have that one. And they aren't evil. They usually were between a rock and a hard place and though it was unforgivable there is room for sympathy too. 

So, I've been kind of AWOL from here for just a bit (for the first time since joining). BUSY week. Ugh. And next week will be another one. But I had to touch base. And catch up.

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Comment by Water Lily on September 27, 2013 at 3:58pm

Hi Stormy. I too go through phases where I will dream up really awkward moments between my characters.  I think it's part because I sometimes feel quite awkward socially and part because I really enjoy awkwardness...it is so amusing! I have also had a similar dream, except instead of being on a tundra planet, the female character falls into an ice covered lake/pond...thus needing to bundle up with the unassuming male character ; D. Thanks for sharing!

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