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this is my first post on this board, i found it via research on the excessive daydreaming topic online.  I do not know what to write about, I'm a very private person.  so I guess I will just tell you that 'valarie winehouse' is in fact not my real name, LOL. For you music buffs it's amy winehouse reference, she is my favorite singer, troubled as she may be...we ALL have our troubles! Anywoo, I am 30, live in PA all my life, live alone, dog died early last year :(. I am single, but I have always been single (whole other issue). I used to have friends but no longer do b/c I cut them out, I am socially withdrawn by choice I guess. If I had friends now, I probably wouldn't know how to keep them. I have some online buddies I chat with sometimes when I am not stuck in my 'own little world.' I am currently in therapy and on medication for clinical depression, anxiety disorder. My therapist is great -- I'll call her 'JANE.' Jane has been helping me through my different issues, layer after layer except she doesn't know about the day dreaming stuff. I have probably been doing this since early teen years. I am even embarrassed to explain it on here -- where it is appropriate.  Maybe in a future post I will be willing to go more in depth. I will just say -- I created my own little world mentally and prefer to live there, than in the real world where my life sux! I hope to make some new contacts on here, thanks again. nighty night.

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Comment by Cordellia Amethyste Rose on December 19, 2010 at 10:41pm

You sound just like me.  Talking about it gets easier with practice, and it feels better.  It was hard to start being open, but now I wear my MD proudly.  I tell everyone that I get to help bring a new condition to the forefront that many people are living with.  When I say it like that they're amazed and impressed.  I'm glad you found a great therapist.  Some docs can be pains in the butts.  If she's open-minded, maybe she'll be interested in this.  It's being studied by a respected doc (who's amazing, loving, and insane like us!).  Anyway, just say whatever you want in the meantime.  No worries.  We're all here to support you.

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