hello! everyone i am here today to tell you i have gotten out of my daydreams. when i first start i had my ideal self of who i wanted to be .now i am happy just being me. i wanted  a family ,friends ,and someone to love me. at the end i got just that . they where waiting for me to come home. they want me to : find out that home is where ever family and friends and love was at . and you stand and fight for home no matter how tried ,alone and stupid you look you never give up on family, friends and you will be no where without love. family only needs love and support to get out of a bad sitution i cant blame anyone for my mistakes. if i get myself inside a situation i will get myself out i promise. even if i am scared as hell to fix my problems i better figure it out . i had all of the answers right in front of my face . and i still didn't get it . at-least i got it on time because their is lots of ways i could have ended MDing but there is only one way i felt was right . i knew how to do it and they weren't mad when i took forever it didn't matter if it took 100 years for me to get there .they would waited .however i had to let go of my pain my anger my cockiness my insecurities my wisdom my lonely my guard to find home to family Friends to love i understand love and i love love so much . thank you keont'e for letting me stop daydream . bye love ones because hopefully we never see each other again

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Comment by sky high on July 20, 2013 at 6:46pm

yes i feel i my self is th reason for daydreaming ..... its all with me i can stop daydreaming ,,,,but still i cant

Comment by Mynx on July 16, 2013 at 11:42pm

Great to here. I'm almost "out"  as well!

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