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One of the causes of my daydreaming  is idealism.  A  supportive family and environment  made it  to possible  to grow sheltered form the harsh realities of life  . Hollywood movies are full  of stories , with happy endings where  events happen for a reason leading to a specific  positive outcome. In real life ,  it is rarely the case.  

 Daydreaming can lead to inaction, since action can potentially disturb our fantasy . Whereas Inaction leave us with so many opportunities.  To an average person , this might sounds  insane, but a compulsive daydreamer , it is subconscious  and present itself at all time.

The remedy would accepting reality as it is , and take CONCRETE action to improve our circumstances no matter the discomfort. Low discomfort( emotional pain, physical ..) tolerance is usually the main reason tend to daydream. Allowing ourselves to experience emotional pain whether it is  shame, disappointment ,  can do wonders .

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Comment by chris trifi on October 7, 2017 at 10:43am
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