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Daydreaming to avoid unbearable reality

 I have daydreaming for almost 15 years ,i guess what started out a coping mechanism ended up being very addictive, 

it was because it allowed to improve ( in fantasy) my real circumstances without  taking any action. i could go anywhere, be anything,  do anything.. as long as my imagination allowed, an imagination inspired by reality. movies, books,..., basically i could solve all the world problems, incorporating real world characters , 

The closer my characters acted like in my fantasy world the better.  I was trying to avoid that goes with living in reality, which leads  very scary consequences, including  neglect on working on myself , which makes it even intolerable requiring even more day dreaming  to cope. That is how this behavior becomes an addiction


    As time went on , reality became dull,  daily task became tedious. 


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Comment by Kaitlyn Quach on September 10, 2017 at 8:41am

Same here. I've been daydreaming since I was a child but it truly became uncontrollable in sophomore year of high school, where I had the WORST math teacher and was getting 30s and 40s on every single test, no matter how hard I studied. Also I hate watching the news and learning about all the pain and violence in the world; I really want to help the victims but I can't do anything direct. So I withdraw into my fantasy world.

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