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When I was younger, I would always tell myself that if I didn't like something, I could just leave. Like, if someone was bothering me, or I was bored in class I could just space out and be somewhere else for a while. It's been so long, and my daydreams have gotten so complex. There is a whole world in my my mind, and I really love it there. But, it scares me too. I spend hours just staring at the ceiling daydreaming. And when I'm not dreaming, I'm just waiting for a free minute so I can return. I can't stop, and it's interfering with my life. I think it would probably be better if I stopped, or at least didn't do it so often, but part of me really doesn't want to. I love my dream world too much, and I don't know if I'm ready to leave it behind

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Comment by Kim Katz on January 11, 2017 at 1:42am

In any case, do not make so hard on you...  I think this is a long process.  It is clear that you are aware of what  is happening to you, which already a lot !!  and I am sure that little  by little, you will work it out.

  The idea now is to  manage to overlap your both worlds,  the imaginary and the real one. 

There is a very good and long article posted here in the Forum " to all those reluctant to  quit MDD started by Eretaia.  It is  very well written  explained on why we do this.  Eretaia also gives hints on how to work on MDD.  It has helped me a lot to realize that daydreaming is  sometimes really necessery  for me, for I have nothing else at that moment to compensate my lacks,  but that if I want to reach  the same hapiness  that I experience  when I daydream in real life,  I have to work  my real life . Sorry if I am not very clear,  English is not my mother tongue language,  but for example if I want to feel the good feelings of love and friendship that I get in my  daydreams, I have to work in real life  friendship and try to experience real love  in order to have  back the feelings and  same nice emotions  that I am able to create myself in my daydreaming.  It is really by creating the same feelings that you will replace your daydreams not by living the same life of your daydreams.  I hope this helps a little bit.  I know how hard, but I has helped me a lot to start realizing that my hapinness dépends on this, working to be me in real life and not only in my dreams. What do you think ?  I would be delighted to discuss it with you if you want.  

Have a lovely day !!


Comment by Dreamcatcher on January 10, 2017 at 4:48pm

HI there!

I hear your pain. After establishing such an amazing world that makes you feel happy and be yourself, it's so hard to leave it. I'm going through a similar experience. I really want to stop, especially since it's interfering with my "reality" life, but it's so hard. When I do make the choice to stop daydreaming, I don't know what else to do. I get stuck after a while because daydreaming feels so good and natural and it makes me happy but it's also ruining me. I feel like stopping is the best thing to do, but letting go completely after all these years is too overwhelming...

I guess the best thing to do is to slowly and gradually substitute the daydreaming with something else you really like and work your way up. Like @Kim Katz mentioned, if you are ok with them and know how to keep them from really messing you up, you don't have to leave them behind.

I hope you figure out something that works for you. Take care :)

Comment by Kim Katz on January 9, 2017 at 2:04am

Hello there ;-)

You know maybe one day you will be tired of your dreams and you will statr stopping them. But as long as you are fine with them, you will never completely stop ...


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