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I am 19.  In my dreams, I have whatever I don't possess in this world. In reality I am the only child to my parents. So, my parents are very caring, affectionate  and supportive. I haven't experience any difficulties in my life. As a student (hosteler) , I possess all the materialistic requirements in life . But I am lonely. In my dreams, I have two brothers  but parents have no role. In real life I am a very bad singer and a bad dancer but in my dreams I am a singer cum dancer who has a very attractive personality. I am good in studies (I study mathematics) but for the past few months I am unable to focus on my studies. I get distracted very frequently. I waste my entire time daydreaming. I find it difficult to get up from bed in the morning due to excessive dreaming.  Can anyone suggest how to overcome my problem of MD?

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Comment by Aiswarya on April 10, 2015 at 10:28am

Thank you for all your valuable comments. I'll try to practice your suggestions.

Comment by komal on March 30, 2015 at 4:35am

So relatable, I get what you mean, I think quite a lot of people are struggling with overcoming this addiction.

Comment by Ivy White on March 30, 2015 at 1:43am

Just Me has good suggestions. It's hard when all you want is to daydream but you'll need to frustrate yourself to be able to study.

Also, if you're bad at singing, and in your daydreams you sing, why not take a few classes? Daydreams are disconnected from reality and usually you put all the thing you want to do there. Why not pull some of the things you dream about out of your DD and into reality? It might not be the same but still, you might really enjoy singing, and not know it because you never do it IRL.

Comment by Just Me on March 29, 2015 at 5:57am

Well, I understand you, as I have the same problem. Everything that I'm bad at in rl, I'm really good in my daydreams. I'm usually a person who avoids conflict, but in my daydream I can punch whoever pisses me off without problem or even perform some cool kicks from the movies lol. 

Yes, that's the main problem for me I think, I can't focus on my studies and it's becoming a problem. Maybe, if you go to the library, or surround yourself with people. I usually study when my roommate is in the room, because I can't pace around with headphones while she's here can I? I hate it when she's here because that means I can't indulge myself with fantasies but at the same time I'm grateful because I would've failed my classes otherwise. 

So maybe that. If you can go to coffe shop to study, or a library...or ask your friends for study groups. I can also work when I'm under huge stress, like the night before the exam, I suddenly focus, so there's that too. Hope this helps even a bit.

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