Well I haven't posted a poem here in a long time and it does not have anything to do with MD at all. Yet, I feel I should post this for those who may be able to relate with this poem. It's hard to explain, being in my  best friend's position and have had to dealt with suicidal friends before. Though one did it for attention and one is alive, but I'm afraid we barely talk now.  Lately my best friend is really down, and I'm terrified she's becoming suicidal. I so desperately try to make her feel better, by being there and comforting her. I try and I try, and when I found out how she started hitting herself last night and I was asleep and never answered. I cried, I admit it I cried. It's my best friend..and well I just wanted to get this out there. If she truly does become suicidal, I'm not going to sit back and act like nothings happening. I'll have to take drastic measures, and as hard as it will be, it is for the better...right? Well here it goes..

For a Broken Hearted One:

Weakly, you smile in foggy glass.
And yet a laugh is squeezed out.
Gripping tightly to the spots,
you have marked on yourself,
your nimble fingers arch for love.
Yet you do not hug back,
squirming out like I'm stabbing you.
Every word is a bullet to your brain,
and a knife to my bleeding insides,

I sew tightly, keeping you from
spilling out the tide waves that
keep you away from the bay.
Drowning slowly in your tears,
I, the lifeguard, will purify you.
Keeping you from going under,
I hug your boney structure once more.
Yet no more can I save you
from the hatred within .

Your skin has become charcoal,
and how cold your heart has become.
Your heart is rotting alone, bitterly, desperately,
you claim, denying my heart.
No more than a bandage,
I, myself, can apply to your wounds.
Friend, oh friend, just stay....
Please, I love you so.

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