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Too cold to go outside and walk, I'm bored and fidgety. I feel empty inside. Nothing to do, just want to lay in the bed and DD. Husband is home, off for the holidays. I'm trying to be "social" but how can he just sit and watch tv for hours? I want to escape into the other world sometimes. Just wishing to be someone else. Where is the joy of life?

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Comment by roxanne on December 26, 2011 at 9:26am

I'm a big advocate of DD'ing & don't want to ever give it up.  However, there is a physiological downside.  If you keep pumping your brain full of endorphins from the DD's, your brain will provide less sites to receive the endorphins, so you may end up having a hard time finding "joy."  This is true of every addiction.  I remember working with heroin addict, who liked to get himself thrown in jail to clear out his brain (and re-adjust all those endorphin receptors.)  Just so he could come out & get high again.  Sorry if this is too techy, but every once in a while I think I need to find a way to take a break.  I find even my DD's now need to be more high-powered (first meetings, for instance) than they used to be to get same results.  I count being on here, though, as not DD'ing, but still find it holds my attention.  Let's get on here more.

Comment by J Noland on December 25, 2011 at 11:35am
I'm scrubbing and re arranging furniture today. I have been in a "funk" and this is how I'm trying to break it. I feel like I need fresh surroundings. I agree though, real life just doesn't compare to the dds. It's so boring out here in reality! I hope you get to feeling better
Comment by Tani on December 25, 2011 at 9:48am

Where is the joy of life?

Welcome to the question people have been trying to answer for years.

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