Enquirey on maladaptive daydreaming

Do you think maladaptive daydreaming could just be laziness?
How damaging is this disorder?
Do meds really help?
Will seeing a psychologist help or should i only see a psychiatrist?

It is hindering my academic performance badly

I do not want to see a psychologist until i turn into an adult by myself since my mom is narcissistic that is she will use my disorder against me to hurt me.btw i believe she already knows that i am abnormal.

But then at the same time i am failling in my school I am afraid i will fail class 11th if I continue this way so i want to see a psychologist rite now.(i have online schooling cant see a school councellor)

In my opinion doing the latter is more sensible since i cant hide in my blanket like a coward from my mom and work ,you want something in life you struggle for it and get it be it get abused by your mom
What would be your advice?

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Comment by Erica Tamizi on January 3, 2021 at 11:00am

Hi Xyz,

I haven't seen a therapist myself yet so I can't say how helpful that is. I can say for sure that it's not laziness. It is our comfort zone from too much anxiety of the real world.

Aside your mom do you know anybody that you feel comfortable with to talk about these stuff?

Hiding in the blanket is not the answer and probably why I took the first step to join this network and talk about my condition as well.

I'm also a student and I did fail grade 11 that's why I went to university one year late. One thing that is helping me with my studies is a calendar. I write my short term goals and everything that needs to be done with no procrastination. Think of your long term goals and remind yourself of the life that you don't like living. Try your best to not live that life.

You're gonna be fine. nothing stays the same so be strong and come out of your comfort zone by taking baby steps. Good Luck!

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