Everybody use to gossip about me and taunt me in school for a simple reason: I didn't talk at all. I was your shy awkward type who didn't ever fit in. I had a couple friends at a time, but not too many. Everybody else was extremely chatty, super outgoing and extrovert—"and neurotypical." I was the only student that had autism spectrum disorder, so I was challenged with communicating and interacting. So my school and college job experiences were rather traumatic. Even into my adulthood, many strangers who I met in public, college and at work got the same incentive. So, I used MDD as an escapism to ease the tough realities that I faced when dealing with Autism. Apparently, I got too carried away with MDD, and it nearly distressed my life. Everyone could easily notice that I wasn't always "here" with them and remarked that I lived on another planet, as I found it hard to conceal my MDD. The older I got the more I realized dreams don't come true for the dreaming. They manifest only through planning, hard work and commitment. You really do have to pay attention. As for all those people that really underestimated me, they didn't have the patience and insight to realize I'm actually a very talented, intelligent, amazing and loving person. I've learned a lot of heavy lessons over my lifetime, which I hope to cure and bring forth as good things into my future.

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