Today I went shopping for new clothes and found myself buying only things my MD character would wear. I normally wear very casual, comfortable clothes, but today I shopped for items that were more stylish and trendy like those I imagine on my character.

It felt great to try on the clothes and I really felt comfortable in them, a stronger more confident version of myself I guess. I bought them all. 

Now I'm at home and wondering, is that a positive move I'm becoming more the person I think I am and daydream about being (the idealized version of myself), or is this a negative? Does it even matter if I feel good in the clothes? 

Has anyone else done this? 


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Comment by Alison on October 11, 2016 at 1:49pm

I'll tell you more - I usually dye my hair the colour of my latest fave DD character's hair. Guess how many time I've changed my hair color :D

Ofc it doesn't change anything about my personality at all - but as long as I like how it looks, I don't find it a bad thing to do.

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