Been reading about today and read something that relates to me and wondered if it did to any of you.

Research has found that frequency of dream recall is associated with absorption and related personality traits, such as openness to experience and proneness to dissociation. A proposed explanation is the continuity model of human consciousness. This model proposes that people who are prone to vivid and unusual experiences during the day, such as fantasy and daydreaming, will tend to have vivid and memorable dream content, and hence will be more likely to remember their dreams.[12] 

I can remember all my dreams and I have to say some of them are just the weirdest lol. But I do sometimes tend to put what happens in my dreams into my DD's x

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Comment by greyartist on November 25, 2012 at 10:49am

hmm, I guess I am the exception to the rule. I very seldom ever remember dreams if I have them. 

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