I need to get out of this place. this is not a question. what am i to do. i cant think straight. my madness is addictive yet  becoming dangerous. I am but a passenger time disappears day dream never ending.  homicidal grandiose fame who am I.  I don't trust the doctors they will say I am delusional. fantasies reality watching from above. did it happen who wrote that it was me I know but I don't know why. My fantasies spill over into reality before but this is real catch me if you can this time.loosing time loosing my mind drifting as if my consciousness it but a myth.  A bank robbery will see.........

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Comment by jeromeanderson on April 8, 2015 at 5:27am

well that  was madness no end in sight. A threat to the work I have done I have only begun... hahahaha. Any way an honest man has nothing to worry about so I am trying not to worry. 

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