I've been daydreaming since I can remember, and have created countless stories in my head. Some of them over the course of years, with attendant complexity. 

I have also written stories and made short films. Never have the two met. I don't work out my paper or video stories in daydreams. At most I steal discrete elements from my daydream stories, not the whole thing. 

Is this true for anyone else? 

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Comment by Fallen Messenger on August 1, 2017 at 7:24am

I would say so for myself. I am a poet (for a hobby) and love to take my very unique details from my daydreams and incorporate them into my poems. I also would say that I take a lot of inspiration from daydreaming itself. Because MD is so different (total understatement) I use the different concepts within it to write. I am working on writing down one of my stories (such as the ones described in your first paragraph) and I find it very enjoyable. Anyways, yes, it is true for me. I find that art is the only thing that harmonizes with MD for myself. The creativity in our minds seems to have dissidence with logic, and I find it hard to make both work together. Because we are all so creative and have practically endless inspiration within our own mind, I would guess that working elements of our daydreams into our art is true for nearly all of us.

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