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daydreams can be separated into categories?

Reading blogs on here I noticed that there are people whom daydreams include literally fictional characters like made up creatures something like aliens and cartoon characters and scenarios and stories that would never ever happen on earth
And other people whom daydreams include events that are not impossible to happen and with normal people
Which of these are you?
Do you think it's a difference?
Do you think someone can have both kinds of daydreams ?

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Comment by Shadow Cat Sam on July 28, 2015 at 7:43am

Mostly weird other dimensional stuff.

Comment by Roel on July 18, 2015 at 2:48pm

actually, now I read this, I have the same 4 categories as Alison.
I rarely, almost never, have the first category. Because I don't read/see/hear a lot of stories besides my own.
And I have never seen the fourth one as dreams. I have those, but they are memories for me, not dreams. Just memories that repeat themself, often bad memories or things I miss :/

The second category is the one I have the most, and the one I realy want to do, and love to do. They fill up 80-90 percent of my dreams. So mostly the fantasy still ;)

Comment by Alison on July 18, 2015 at 1:36pm

I also thought about these categories. People's daydreams can be so different. I categorized mine (all DDs I had in my life) like this:

1. Stories based on other stories (books, movies, games - mostly games).

2. My own original stories (they usually involve some sci-fi elements).

3. DDng about my future (which I don't experience very often now).

4. Replaying memories from the past (I forced myself to stop it).

As for the main question of the topic, my daydreams are usually sci-fi. I think I had only one DD last year which was something that may happen with a person, but it wasn't very complex and didn't last for long. And I usually don't put myself into the plot. I may see it through the eyes of my characters, but I'm never a real part of the story.

Comment by Fitri Kamelia on July 18, 2015 at 4:11am

I was the one who daydream about really fictional characters but involved with true events, make it historical fiction. Sometimes I would impersonate the characters personality to know what happen next, and what should I change (personalities, clothes, words etc) so the characters wouldn't caught in red hand by others that they are fictional in those events :P

the characters... kinda both of them. Normal person or a person with special abilities that very impossible to imagine

Comment by Roel on July 18, 2015 at 1:40am

Alta Morden, thank you :), at least I think it's a compliment :/ It feels like a compliment to me XD that is weird, it's not like I want it. But I am always dreaming and maybe it would hurt me if my dreams turned out to be doll I guess ? idk.
There comes a point whene the only inspiration for a dream, are your other dreams. I also make my own scientific rules. you are basicly making sciencefiction than (by strict defenition) so thats definetly fantasy ;)

Comment by Alta Morden on July 17, 2015 at 4:07pm
Pro answer your question, mine have always been more fantastic than real. I break the laws of physics and chemistry without reference to reality.
Comment by Alta Morden on July 17, 2015 at 4:05pm
Roel, that's impressive, truly a fantastic depth of imagination.

Like many here I base mine on TV, movies or books. My longest running one is based on Star Trek. Yours sound so unique and original.
Comment by Roel on July 16, 2015 at 12:00pm

Mostly the first type for me :)
I have seen things, and met things that are mindshattering.

Planets, voids, complex moving robotic structures, seas, flying lands, lifeless desserts, confusing dimensions, dreamscapes. They are all environments for my stories.

animals, insects, aliens, gods, giants, machines, sentient illnesses, computerprograms, organs. They are all characters.

(I know how weird all these characters sounds, but it is like that. Koorts is a sickness that wants to end all of humanity, De Vierde is an organ who wants to control the entire body, Wobbe is a machine that wants to revive the extinct human race, Axel is a timetraveling bird-dinosaur that is the pet of an assasin, Misan'Roo is the god of writing and knowledge who killed himself to prove to the other gods that they too were mortal, Argodo is a swampbird-like alien from the Upworld who tries to solve the misterie of the sudden dissapaering of his home planet, etc. there are human characters too, but I don't like them as mutch)

Also, I am not even present in my dreams, that is how unnusual they are. I don't see it from a perspective. I am like the narrator, I see everything, feel everything. But I am nowhere and I am no-one. But I still like the people and beings that are in my dreams, eventhough I rarely make contact with them. They mean a lot to me I guess. They thought me lifelessons that no real beings could have ever thought me, just by playing their story ;)

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