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i dont know if i can do this.....everyday is a struggle it gets harder and harder with each passing minute seems like every waking moment fantasizing is all i can think about....i ask myself why bother what will happen in the long run when life seems too hard to deal with without the daydreams....


i been so pissed off getting mad at everyone life and all its stresses was so much easier to deal with when i fantasized....im not sure what i think the end result will be i was hoping it would be me feeling better being confident and proud of who i was.....but im still not who i want to be and without the fantasies i feel empty and lonely......


i want to give in more than i ever have in the past 12 years but i dont and i keep asking myself why i dont.....i never wanted something so bad but i still refuse to give in but i feel like im getting weaker and its getting harder to say no.....its only day 13 but i feel i been at this for years....some moments im ok but what do i do when those moments come and im not ok?


when giving in would be so much easier than fighting it..... i want to come out on top and maybe all this struggle will make me who i want to be.....but what happens if it doesnt?


if your reading this whether you choose to leave a comment or not.... just knowing your reading this it helps to ease the burden....so i thank you...... all of you

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Comment by Jordan on December 4, 2012 at 5:23pm

thank you i been feeling alot lows but i been tryna stay positive and i cant wait til i reach my goal thanks for the advice

Comment by Jordan on December 3, 2012 at 2:12pm

thank you for ur support i made it through that day today it day 16 and im glad i didnt give in i know i would have regretted it big time

Comment by KwanKwan on December 2, 2012 at 5:29pm

keep going strong! dont let this beat you. you are on day 13. keep going. the beginning is usually the hardest and if you give in you will REGRET it.

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