I haven’t seen myself in such a state ever since I discovered this site. Ok I was just at home ALONE playing computer games when I started day dreaming, I tried to stop myself but it was so good, I was rolling in it and convinced myself an hour would not hurt anyone. It was Saturday midday and it went on to Sunday, I had plans with a friend on Sunday could not make it I then switch off my phone and spend my whole day dreaming. Today I feel so exhausted like I was travelling the whole weekend.

MD is like a drug gives you a moment of pleasure and after you done with it you are in worse state.

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Comment by Elīna on November 25, 2013 at 12:41pm

I just hate it, the feeling afterwards is just disgusting. I just feel miserable, I need to make new DD scenarios or just go on being unhappy and unproductive because I'm in a terrible mood after I let myself to do it again.

Comment by ShellyBelly on November 25, 2013 at 9:43am

So true. I think one of the questions we all have to ask ourselves is WHY we are so much happier with fantasy than reality? In my opinion, it is anxiety. We are so afraid that real life will disappoint us and so we need that hard and strong immediate gratification that is always guaranteed to satisfy.

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